Creating better futures

Geography should not be a barrier to disadvantage, yet children living in rural and remote areas of Australia are up to five times as likely as children living in urban areas to have challenges with their developmental health. In addition, NSW Health reports that 32% of rural children cannot access the services they need.

Lack of access to services creates systemic barriers to optimising health and wellbeing outcomes, so children and families affected by these challenges who live in regional areas are often doubly disadvantaged, with life-long implications.

Royal Far West is one of Australia’s most enduring and respected charities. Established in 1924, we consistently adapt to meet the changing health needs of children and families living in rural and remote communities.

We believe every Australian child has the right to the health, education and developmental care that will help them unlock their potential, no matter where they live.

We provide services to improve the health and wellbeing of country children at the Centre for Country Kids in Manly, as well as virtually via Telecare, and in local communities. We are always transforming to meet the ever-increasing demand for our services, as well as supporting the growing complexity in needs of children and families from rural and remote Australia. Using technology and in-community programs, over the coming years Royal Far West will expand further and deeper into NSW, Queensland, WA and beyond.